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Our Resources

Our Resources

Drug and alcohol addiction can have devastating effects on friends and family, and dire consequences for those struggling with substance abuse. Not knowing where your loved one is, and if they are safe can be a helpless experience. At Addiction Interventions, we use our resources to help locate an individual who has gone missing due to addiction or mental health challenges and reconnect them with family so they can get the help and support they need.

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Our Resources

Our addiction specialists use a variety of resources in order to locate your missing loved one, no matter where they are. Unfortunately, addiction can be a manipulative disease often forcing those suffering into hotels or to the streets in order to get their fix. After working closely with family and friends to receive the necessary information about the individual, we use the following resources to pinpoint the location of your missing loved one:

1. Social media bread crumbs
2. Cell phone pinging technology
3. Private detective skills gained through years of experience in locating missing persons


Our Goals

The ultimate goal of all of our services at Addiction Interventions is to assist you in getting the help your loved ones need. Whether this is through finding a missing loved one, hosting a professional intervention, or helping the family get their loved one into treatment, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Hope and healing are possible. With the right resources, we can bring your loved ones home so they can get the help they need to live their life to the fullest.

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It’s an honor to be invited into your home and one that our team appreciates sincerely. Here are a few testimonials from families we have helped over the past 30 years.

David Gates saved our nephew’s life. He was last seen on the streets of Seattle a few years ago, and nobody in our family had spoken to him in quite a while. We were referred to David Gates by another interventionist Kristina Wandzilak that had been working with our family for a couple of years trying to intervene on our Nephew. It was an impossible situation. You can’t intervene on somebody and get them the right type of help, if they are lost to the streets or can’t be found. Once we spoke with David, he was so reassuring that our nephew could be found. David traveled to Seattle, and he contacted local homeless shelters and scoured through various ‘tent cities’ and he found out that some homeless people got hotel vouchers. David waited for a day and a half outside a hotel for the homeless where he thought our nephew was staying. After three years of wandering through the streets of Seattle, David was not only able to locate him but he spent 6 hours talking him into boarding a plane to go to Northbound Treatment Center in Orange County, California. While our nephew was at Northbound, David was his advocate, doing whatever it took to get him the right care. We’re lucky to have found someone like David who is willing to do the tough work and make the impossible happen, to help people like our nephew get off the street and off drugs so that they can have a chance at a new life. We are grateful to David and the entire Northbound team for being there for our nephew and for our family when it looked hopeless.

-Marie and Brian

I wanted to take a moment to Thank you for being there for Moorea, Jona, and I during one of the most stressful times of our lives. I will never forget that day you showed up at home after our daughter had been missing for 3 days. The assistance you provided to us in locating her is beyond words. The connection you made with our daughter, and your ability to have her agree to go to treatment to get help was miraculous. It’s people like you who truly are the heroes. I mean that…. You will never be forgotten. Thank you, David.

-David, Jona and Moorea

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