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Why Hold an Intervention?

Addiction is a disease that is known to be chronic and progressive if left untreated. This means that without the proper care, individuals struggling will experience significant consequences on their health and wellbeing for their entire lives. 

For family members of someone who is struggling, this can be an exhausting, painful, and draining experience. Families and other loved ones often find themselves wondering what they can do to help. A drug or alcohol intervention is an option to consider. 

Interventions can give family members an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. It can also be a time to establish new boundaries within the relationship. Family members may find that having an intervention provides a sense of relief, knowing that they were able to express themselves. 

If you are interested in learning more about interventions in Washington, we invite you to call Addiction Interventions at (866)584-2525. We offer professional drug and alcohol interventions in Washington and support for interventions nationwide. Our staff is experienced, compassionate, and effective at what they do.

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Pros for Getting Professional Help

Benefits to Hiring an Interventionist in Washington

When you work with a professional interventionist, there are several benefits that you can experience. The first of which would be that you are able to rely on a professional to conduct the intervention. This means that you can take a step back and focus on being a participant in the intervention rather than facilitating the meeting. 

A professional interventionist will begin by helping you plan for the meeting. This would include where the meeting occurs, who is invited, and what the general timeline will be. Additionally, your interventionist will help you plan for a variety of outcomes. While the overall goal of an intervention is to have your loved one agree that they need treatment, it doesn’t always reach that point. Even in those situations, your interventionist will utilize their clinical skills and experience to make the most out of your time together. 

Before you have your intervention, your interventionist will take the time needed to understand the full extent of the struggle you are experiencing. They will evaluate the presence of unhealthy relationship patterns such as codependency and enabling. If they believe that any of these patterns are present, they will provide you with education and skills that can be used to establish new and healthier boundaries. 

Additionally, your interventionist will work with you to explore your own struggle. This would include exploring your own self-care and how you are coping with the challenges that you are experiencing. They would be able to help you identify changes to your routine or new coping skills that could be added to your day. 

During the actual intervention, the interventionist will mediate and guide the discussion so that the conversation stays on track. Without their guidance, conversations could take a negative turn and make achieving your goal quite difficult.

A professional interventionist’s work does not end when the intervention is over. Part of their role is to help you find appropriate treatment options for your loved one. They will help determine which level of care would be the best fit, and what treatment providers are available in their area. They will support you and your loved ones until they are at a treatment center. If your loved one is not receptive to going to treatment, they should still provide you with referrals that you can hold onto in case they change their mind. 

Addiction Interventions is a group of professional interventionists who provide drug interventions in Washington. We have a thorough approach to the care we provide, meaning that we work with you before the intervention meeting and will continue until your loved one is successfully beginning a treatment program. Additionally, we will provide you with the support that you deserve. To learn more about the services we provide, we encourage you to call (866)584-2525 to speak with a representative today. 

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Why Not Conduct an Intervention
Without Expert Help

We just touched upon the benefits of hiring a professional interventionist; let’s take a moment to discuss why you should get professional help. To begin, you may or may not be a professional who works with addiction. If you are not a professional in this field, there’s a chance that you could miss interpreting the signs and symptoms of addiction. For example, maybe your loved one has begun to distance themselves from their friends, has unintentionally lost weight, and has been moody. These can be symptoms of a drug or alcohol addiction; however, they are also symptoms of depression.  

If you are an experienced professional in mental health or addiction, you know that it is not wise to treat family members and other loved ones. The key factor for this is that you have a dual relationship, and your mindset is biased based on your previous relationship with them. You may have a good idea of what they are struggling with and what would be helpful. However, your role at the time of the intervention should be as a concerned loved one, not as a professional.

Without a trained professional, you will not have an unbiased person present to help direct the conversation in a healthy manner. Having an interventionist there to help if emotions become strong can help keep the intervention on track and moving towards your goal. Without the interventionist, you’re running the risk of having the meeting getting sidetracked and going further away from your goal. 

Another critical factor to consider is that if you are planning and running the intervention yourself, you are taking even more onto your plate. Worrying about a loved one who is struggling with addiction is hard enough as it is, why not accept the help that is available to you? This would allow you to participate in the meeting solely as yourself, and not need to juggle that with the role of a mediator. Trying to run the intervention yourself and not being open to professional help may be a sign that you are struggling with some codependent behaviors yourself. 

If you find yourself looking for interventions in Washington, we encourage you to call (866)584-2525 to speak with a representative today about Addiction Interventions. We are professional interventionists who provide support nationwide. We will support you every step of the way and work towards the goal of helping your loved ones get the treatment that they deserve. 

Providing Support for a Person with a Dual Diagnosis

Motivational interventions are also used to help dual diagnosis patients overcome the challenges they face during their recovery. They receive the support they need from both their families as well as their medical team. Motivational interventions provide patients with the ability to set personal goals that will help them identify problems in their lives. This is ideal for patients who are not fully convinced that they have a problem. It gives them a chance to work through many of their health issues and get the treatment they need as they move forward.

Intervention Services

Our Washington Intervention Experts

Addiction Intervention can help you plan and have a drug intervention in Washington. Our staff is trained and experienced Interventionists who have a high success rate. We have provided interventions for individuals struggling with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and dual diagnoses. Additionally, we have helped individuals of varying ages. 

We can provide you with emergency drug and alcohol interventions and other services you may need. We would start with a complimentary assessment which would then give us the information needed to make a recommendation. From here, we would talk about your options and allow you to decide what you feel would be the right step for you and your loved ones. 

Should you choose to hire us, we would help you plan every aspect of your intervention, prepare for various outcomes, facilitate the intervention, and help link you with the appropriate treatment providers if your loved one is agreeable. We will help you feel prepared for the intervention, and help guide the conversation in a productive manner that works towards our goal. 

Additionally, we have a free and confidential codependent assessment on our website. If this is a concern for you, we would help you understand what codependency is and identify changes you can make to work towards having healthy boundaries and relationships. We will take the time needed to understand your own personal needs. This can include exploring your self-care routine and identifying changes that you can make to your routine. 

Alcohol and drug interventions in Washington can be facilitated by the professionals working at Addiction Interventions. We have helped over 1,000 families who were concerned about a loved one, with a high success rate. We are passionate about our work and will provide you with more than support for an intervention. We encourage you to call to speak with one of our representatives at (866) 584-2525 to learn more about how we can help you today. 

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