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Addiction Interventions’ specialists are trained to address alcoholism and drug dependence. We’ve led thousands of family interventions and connected people with substance abuse problems to treatment facilities. Our intervention specialist team is experienced in various models of successful intervention and can help you find the best treatment plan and providers in your area.

Our addiction intervention specialists have the knowledge and experience to understand the complex nature of substance abuse and how to approach it in a non-confrontational and supportive way. They can help you develop a clear plan for the intervention and anticipate and prepare for its potential challenges.

During the intervention, our addiction professionals can provide support and guidance to both the individual and their loved ones and keep it focused on the goal of getting the individual into treatment. After the intervention, they can provide continued support to the individual and their loved ones throughout the recovery process. Contact a professional intervention specialist at Addiction Interventions to get started.

State of Addiction In Texas

Addiction in Texas is a significant concern. Fentanyl has been making headlines across Texas, but it is just one part of a broader addiction crisis in the state. According to the Texas Department of State Health Service, there are issues with heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine use in the state as well. In Texas, alcohol is the cause of nearly 40% of all vehicle fatalities each year. Furthermore, alcohol has the highest number of individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse, with nearly 30% of all rehab admissions listing it as their drug of choice. Methamphetamines are the most frequently abused drug among Texans, with both locally-produced and Mexican-made meth being readily available and increasingly potent in recent years.

Texas Alcohol Intervention

Dealing with a loved one who has an alcohol use disorder and refuses to seek treatment can be a frustrating experience. It’s natural to feel uncertain and even responsible for their addiction. In such cases, an alcohol addiction intervention can benefit the family and individuals struggling with substance abuse. However, it’s essential to remember that the decision to overcome addiction lies solely with the person with the addiction, while the family should remain calm and supportive.

Although interventions for alcohol share similarities with drug interventions, there are differences due to the functional nature of many alcoholics and their ability to hide their addiction. Overcoming addiction and breaking the cycle of unhealthy behaviors is vital. Alcoholism is a complex genetic disorder that affects individuals differently, and it requires a customized treatment plan. Participating in an intervention for alcoholism can be a life-changing experience, offering hope for a brighter, healthier, and sober future. You can contact Addiction Interventions to connect with a certified addiction professional and discover the best treatment program available today.

Texas Drug Addiction Intervention

A drug intervention can be incredibly helpful in these situations. This involves a meeting with the help of a specialist, where loved ones can openly and honestly discuss how the individual’s substance abuse is affecting everyone. The ultimate goal is to encourage the individual to seek treatment. While interventions for drug addiction are usually successful, it’s important to prepare for the possibility of refusal. Expect the individual to become angry and defensive and use delay tactics during the drug intervention.

It’s best to work with a professional to develop a plan that can be adhered to. The sooner the intervention takes place, the better the outcome. It’s important to physically and mentally prepare ahead of time. A successful addict intervention can give your loved one the hope they need to move forward toward a brighter, healthier, and sober future. Contact Addiction Interventions today for a free consultation with a professional interventionist to start planning an intervention for your loved one.

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Texas Addiction Recovery Resources

There are different types of free drug rehab centers available, including state-funded programs, non-profit organizations, and faith-based programs that offer payment assistance or free treatment for those in need.

Here are some official state addiction recovery programs and resources in Texas:

Recovery Meetings in Texas

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can be a great support system for those trying to quit drinking. These gatherings provide a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can connect with others who are in similar situations. Attending the right AA meeting is crucial for a successful recovery journey. To help people find the right fit, this comprehensive database offers information and social networking opportunities to support AA members in their journey toward sobriety.

NA Meetings

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with drug addiction, you may have heard of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. You might be curious whether 12-step programs like NA work and if they could help you. NA and other 12-step programs hold regular meetings for individuals who want to stop using substances. During these gatherings, which typically occur weekly, NA members share their experiences with drug addiction and offer each other support, encouragement, and guidance. Group therapy and 12-step programs such as NA have been helping people achieve and maintain sobriety for many years. These groups are available every day, in every location. Find support groups in your own community now and receive the assistance you need to live a happy, healthy, and substance-free life.

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Drug addiction, particularly involving heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, is a significant concern in Texas. Alcohol also contributes significantly to fatalities and is the most common substance for rehab admissions. At Addiction Interventions, our specialists can help you address drug and alcohol dependency through successful intervention models. They can assist you in finding the best treatment plan and providers in your area. Our specialists approach substance abuse in a non-confrontational and supportive way, and can guide you in developing a clear intervention plan. Contact a professional intervention specialist at Addiction Interventions to start your journey towards recovery

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