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At Addiction Interventions, we have a wealth of experience in addressing alcoholism and drug addiction. Our team of addiction intervention specialists has helped thousands of families and individuals who are struggling with substance abuse problems. If you are in need of assistance, simply contact us, and our intervention specialists will help you develop a plan and answer any questions you may have about your loved one’s alcohol or drug problem. We can also connect you with the best treatment facilities in your area.

Our team of intervention specialists is highly trained in successful intervention models, including ARISE intervention and group intervention. We have extensive experience in the substance abuse and mental healthcare fields, enabling us to navigate the complexities of addiction and serious mental illness. Our addiction intervention specialist will work tirelessly to help your loved one seek treatment and participate in the recovery process.

Interventions are powerful in helping individuals with substance abuse seek help and begin their path to recovery. Planning and implementing an addiction intervention requires careful thought and preparation. With the right help, interventions can move your loved one towards recovery. Consult Addiction Interventions before conducting an intervention.

State of Addiction In Mississippi

Drug and alcohol abuse is a major issue in Mississippi, with 350,000 residents using illegal drugs annually and 108,000 abusing alcohol. This contributes to 5.04% of all deaths in the state. Mississippi has a higher rate of opioid prescriptions than the national average, with 76.8 prescriptions per 100 persons compared to the national rate of 51.4 prescriptions. Marijuana is the primary reason for patients entering rehab and treatment programs. Roughly 11.68% of Mississippi residents use illegal drugs yearly. In 2019, 13.8% of adults in Mississippi admitted they binge or chronically drink, and the state experienced a 37% increase in prescribed amphetamines from 2011 to 2014.

Mississippi Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol addiction interventions are similar to those for drug users, but there are differences. Society views alcoholism more favorably, and many alcoholics can function normally. They may even be able to hide their addiction for years. If you have a loved one with alcohol use disorder who won’t seek treatment, it can be frustrating and make you feel responsible for the problem. However, with a successful intervention for alcohol led by a specialist and involving the whole family, a brighter future is possible. It only takes one person to break the cycle of addiction. If you see risky alcohol use, contact Addiction Interventions to set up an intervention for alcoholism and find the best treatment program for your loved one.

Mississippi Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug addiction can cause chaos in the life of the addict and their family. The effects can be devastating for everyone involved. An intervention for drug addiction creates a space where family and friends come together with the help of a professional interventionist to encourage the person to get treatment for their addiction. During the addict intervention, expect the person to feel threatened and respond with anger. They may try to deflect or change the subject or delay committing to a treatment plan. It’s important to have a plan in place and stick to it and to have a treatment center ready. Contact Addiction Intervention’s specialists for a free consultation and to start planning a drug intervention for your loved one.

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David Allen Gates has over 20 years of experience managing and directing nationally recognized behavioral healthcare treatment centers and addiction treatment organizations. David’s expertise ranges from patient advocacy to successful intervention work.

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Stacy Plaisance has demonstrated her commitment to creating a supportive treatment experience through her compassion and integrity in the field of Behavioral Health for over 17 years.

Mississippi Addiction Recovery Resources

Free drug rehab centers are available in three categories: State Funded, Non-Profit, and Faith-Based. State-funded centers are for those who are uninsured or financially challenged. Non-profit centers are run by non-profit organizations that offer free treatment programs for those in need of assistance. Faith-based centers are operated by religious organizations as part of their ministry services. The Salvation Army Adult Rehab Centers are an example of such centers. They may offer payment assistance for those who qualify, reducing financial burden.

In Mississippi, there are a variety of resources and programs available for addiction recovery:

  • SAMHSA: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides an Opioid Treatment Program Directory, which can help find treatment programs in Mississippi that treat addiction and dependence on opioids. They also have the SOAR program that increases access to Social Security disability benefits for eligible children and adults who are experiencing issues. 
  • Mississippi Department of Mental Health: They provide state-operated programs and regional Community Mental Health Centers for Alcohol and Drug Services. 
  • East Mississippi State Hospital: Located in Meridian, Mississippi, this hospital offers behavioral health programs, including alcohol and drug addiction treatment services, and nursing home services. 
  • American Addiction Centers: While not specifically a Mississippi resource, American Addiction Centers provide quality treatment and innovative care to those struggling with addictions. 
  • Mississippi Division of Medicaid: They provide contact information and resources for Medicaid-related services, which may include addiction recovery programs and services.

Recovery Meetings in Mississippi

AA Meetings

Many individuals find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings highly beneficial when trying to quit drinking. These gatherings can be excellent outlets for those in recovery, as they offer support through companionship, advice, and attentive listening from others in similar situations. It’s crucial to find the appropriate AA meeting to attend, as it can significantly impact your experience and connection with the group. This comprehensive database provides information and social networking to support fellow AA members, ensuring that you engage fully with the meeting and its teachings, giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

NA Meetings

If you or a loved one has been impacted by drug addiction, you may have heard of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. You might be curious about the effectiveness of 12-step programs like NA and if they could be helpful for you. NA and other 12-step programs offer regular meetings for individuals who want to overcome substance use. During these gatherings, which often occur on a weekly basis, NA members share their personal experiences with drugs and offer mutual support, encouragement, and guidance. For decades, group therapy and 12-step programs like NA meetings have helped countless people achieve and maintain sobriety. These groups are available every day and everywhere. Take action to locate support groups in your community now, and receive the assistance you need to lead a happy, healthy, and sober life.

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If you know someone struggling with substance abuse, enlisting the help of Addiction Interventions can be a powerful tool to help them seek help and begin their path to recovery. However, it’s important to consult with an addiction professional before conducting an intervention. There are several reasons to work with an addiction professional, including understanding addiction, the ability to plan the intervention, addressing potential challenges, providing support, and supporting recovery.Choosing the right rehabilitation center in Mississippi is crucial for your sobriety. It will increase your chances of completing the program successfully, exiting the program compassionately, and maintaining your sobriety. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Remember, the number of options doesn’t always indicate the quality of the center. With Addiction Interventions, you can effectively move your loved one toward recovery.

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