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Addiction Interventions’ specialists have experience in addressing alcoholism and drug dependence. They can help you find the best individual treatment plan for your loved one’s substance abuse problem. Our team of intervention specialists is trained in successful intervention models and has years of experience in the substance abuse and mental healthcare field. We will work with you to develop a plan for alcohol or drug abuse intervention and provide education and support to family and friends.

Interventions are powerful tools for helping individuals with substance abuse problems seek help and begin the path to recovery. However, it’s important to consult an addiction intervention specialist before conducting an intervention. They can provide a clear plan for seeking help and entering recovery, anticipate and prepare for potential challenges during the process, and provide continued support throughout the recovery process.

Planning and implementing an addiction intervention takes careful thought and preparation. Make sure to have a clear plan before holding the intervention and surround the individual with people who are willing to support them through the recovery process.

State of Addiction In Alaska

Alaska has a high rate of substance-related overdoses due to the mixing of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol and drug abuse are the major causes of crime in Alaska, and over 20% of abused women in the state have experienced sexual assault involving alcohol. Methamphetamine use is a big contributor to violent crime. Heroin-related overdoses in Alaska are 50% higher than in the rest of the US. More than 60,000 Alaskans need treatment for substance abuse and/or addiction.

Prescribers in Alaska overprescribe and sell drugs intended for medical purposes, leading to an increase in prescription drug abuse. Illegal websites provide drugs smuggled into the state, and thefts from hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies are on the rise. Low light levels in Alaska contribute to its substance abuse as less sunlight impacts mental health, leading to increased substance use and potential abuse or addiction.

Alaska Alcohol Intervention

Interventions for alcohol resemble those for drug abuse, but there are differences between addicts of each. Society regards alcoholism more favorably, and many alcoholics appear functional, maintaining jobs and families. They believe they can pass an alcohol screening or reduce consumption anytime. Despite this, alcohol abusers may go years undiscovered if they conceal their addiction well.

Being a family member of an alcoholic who won’t seek treatment is frustrating and can lead to self-blame. You may be unsure where you stand and doubt your efforts to help. Interventions for alcoholism can help, but they require the whole family’s involvement. It’s their job to stay calm, let an intervention specialist facilitate, and help the addict accept treatment.

Risky alcohol use can be addressed, it just takes one person to break the cycle and overcome addiction. If you see it developing, contact Addiction Interventions. We’ll connect you with a certified alcohol addiction intervention specialist and help your loved one find the right treatment program for them.

Alaska Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug addiction can cause turmoil within families, but interventions for drug addiction can provide a solution. These meetings, facilitated by a skilled intervention specialist, aim to foster open communication between the drug user and their loved ones. The ultimate goal is to encourage the drug user to seek treatment. During an addict’s intervention, the drug user may experience anger or try to avoid committing to a treatment plan. It’s crucial to have a solid plan in place and stick to it. The earlier the drug intervention takes place, the more effective it can be. It’s also important to have a treatment center ready and ensure that family and friends are aware of their roles. For assistance, consider contacting Addiction Interventions for a complimentary consultation and to begin planning a drug intervention for your loved one.

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David Allen Gates has over 20 years of experience managing and directing nationally recognized behavioral healthcare treatment centers and addiction treatment organizations. David’s expertise ranges from patient advocacy to successful intervention work.

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Stacy Plaisance has demonstrated her commitment to creating a supportive treatment experience through her compassion and integrity in the field of Behavioral Health for over 17 years.

Alaska Addiction Recovery Resources

There are various free drug rehab centers available, including state-funded programs for those who lack adequate insurance and means to pay for treatment, non-profit organizations that operate or fund centers for free alcohol and drug rehab programs, and faith-based organizations that offer free drug and alcohol recovery treatment as part of their ministry services and may provide payment assistance for those who qualify.

In Alaska, there are several official state addiction recovery programs and resources available. Here are some resources you can explore:

  • Alaska Division of Behavioral Health (DBH): The DBH website provides information on addiction, paying for treatment, Medicaid coverage for out-of-state treatment, involuntary treatment availability, and other resources.

  • Alaska DBH Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery: The Substance Use Disorder Section in Alaska directs treatment and recovery programs for substance use disorders. They focus on developing resources and providing support.

  • Alaska Psychiatric Institute: Alaska Psychiatric Institute aims to offer compassionate healthcare to Alaskans, creating a non-judgmental environment where everyone receives care they need, when they need it.

  • Alaska Community Mental Health Centers: Alaska’s Community Mental Health Centers offer 24/7 emergency mental health services. They can provide the necessary services or refer you to other programs in Alaska.

  • Alaska 2-1-1: Alaska 2-1-1 is a free and confidential resource available in almost any language to assist you with life challenges or everyday needs.

Recovery Meetings in Alaska

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can be a valuable resource for individuals trying to quit drinking. These gatherings offer a supportive environment where people with similar experiences can share advice, listen actively, and provide camaraderie. It is crucial to find the right AA meeting to attend to maximize the benefits of the experience. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive database that provides information and social networking to assist fellow AA members in connecting with the appropriate group and fully engaging with the meeting’s teachings. This support system can help increase the chances of having a successful recovery journey.

NA Meetings

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, you may have heard of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. You may be curious to know if 12-step programs like NA are effective and if they could be of help to you. NA and other 12-step programs provide scheduled meetings for individuals who want to quit using substances. At these meetings, usually held on a weekly basis, members of NA share their experiences with drug addiction and offer each other support, encouragement, and guidance. Group therapy and 12-step programs such as NA have been successful in helping people overcome addiction for many years. These meetings are accessible every day and everywhere. Find support groups in your community today and receive the assistance you need to lead a happy, healthy, and sober life.

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Drug and alcohol abuse in Alaska cause high rates of crime, overdoses, and sexual assaults. Methamphetamine use leads to violent crime, and heroin overdoses are 50% higher in Alaska than in the rest of the US. Over 60,000 Alaskans need substance abuse treatment, and prescription drug abuse is increasing due to overprescription and illegal websites. Theft from hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies is also rising. Low light levels in Alaska lead to increased substance use and impact mental health. Addiction Interventions provides individualized treatment plans for alcoholism and drug dependence. Our intervention specialists work with families and friends to develop a clear plan and provide education and support. Consult with an addiction intervention specialist before conducting an intervention to anticipate potential challenges and help individuals start their path to recovery with the support of loved ones.

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