Strategies for a Successful Intervention

Strategies for a Successful Intervention

Substance abuse treatment can be a lonely road. This is because the individual suffering from addiction is the only person who can affect real change and begin the journey toward recovery. No person can overcome addiction until they first admit they have a problem, and this is why addiction interventions are so powerful. They express concern, and often motivate or inspire an individual to create the change needed for a successful recovery. 

If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, our team recommends developing a strategy for effective intervention, and eliciting the help of an addiction interventionist, when needed. With careful planning and a successful intervention, your loved one could soon be on the road to a healthy and sustainable recovery.

Assembling your Intervention Team

A team of family and friends is often beneficial for those who are navigating substance abuse. This is particluarly important for individuals who are not responding to one-on-one, intimate conversation. That is when it’s time to start the process of formal intervention.

The point of an intervention is to get your addicted loved one to fully experience the impact of their substance use. You should be prepared to confront your loved one if they are struggling with:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug dependence
  • Other compulsive mental health behaviors

The ultiamte goal of these conversations will be to get individuals enrolled in formal treatment programs for alcohol or drug use.

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