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The opioid epidemic in recent years has brought necessary attention to opioid addiction and the reality of substance abuse. While there has been an effort to enact policies and regulations aimed at curbing the use of potent prescription opioids, addiction remains prevalent and the impact of substance abuse leads to broken relationships and heartache. 

Opioid addiction interventions are a valuable resource for breaking the cycle of addiction and connecting the opioid addict with evidence-based treatment. If your loved one is suffering from an opioid addiction, this type of intervention could be the help needed to repair relationships, and allow the user to get their life back. But you don’t need to do it alone. Professional intervention services are here to assist you and your loved one and provide the support needed to overcome addiction – once and for all.

What is an Opioid Intervention in San Francisco?

The ultimate goal of an opioid intervention is for the drug user to acknowledge their addiction and pursue professional addiction treatment. During an intervention, the opioid user’s family and friends, along with a trained interventionist, confront the person about their drug use. By establishing an environment where you can communicate openly and directly about the user’s addiction, you can show the individual the consequences and implications of their drug use.

The hope is that the opioid user can seek and accept treatment for their addiction. The sooner this individual can recognize that their addiction has severe consequences, the better the outcomes may be for both the user and their loved ones.

What Should You Expect During an Opioid Abuse Intervention?

Research helps an opioid intervention run smoothly. Consult with resources and research treatment options available to your loved one in San Francisco so you feel comfortable with the intervention process. Remember, there are professionals near you who are willing to help and provide guidance during this challenging time.

An opioid interventionist may encourage you to Invite friends and family members to participate and offer support to the opioid user throughout the drug intervention process.

While an opioid abuse intervention can be successful, it’s important to prepare for the reality that it may not work. The user might not see that their addiction is a problem and may refuse to accept any help. While it may be painful, the interventionist will be able to help you establish strong boundaries and assert that the drug user’s addiction is a problem and that you will no longer tolerate their behavior.

How Do You Know You Need an Opioid Intervention for Your Loved One?

Opioid addiction can affect any individual from any background. After receiving a prescription for opioids, a user may quickly realize the opioids that helped them manage physical pain are now a source of addiction. Because drug addiction and mental health issues often coexist, both conditions can cause dangerous side effects. The Covid-19 pandemic has also negatively impacted both mental and physical health, causing more people to develop addictions to opioids.

Combined with behavioral therapy, effective interventions can improve treatment outcomes for opioid users. It is unlikely that someone will recover from opioid addiction without professional addiction treatment that focuses on the root causes of their dependency on prescription opioids – so if you are concerned your loved one has an addiction, it is time to seek help. It can be beneficial to consult with health care providers, addiction professionals, and other community groups in San Francisco for additional guidance and information on whether an intervention is necessary.

Is Now the Time for an Opioid Intervention?

If your loved one is struggling with an opioid addiction, now is the time to begin planning for an intervention. The opioid epidemic has brought widespread attention to opioid misuse and drug overdose deaths at large. If an opioid addict encounters fentanyl, an extremely dangerous synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than other opioids, then overdose becomes more likely. In 2019, over 70,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses.

A drug abuse intervention might be exactly what your loved one needs to quit using opioids and stay sober. Consider planning an intervention as soon as possible to reduce the risk of your loved one experiencing an overdose and paving the way for a brighter future.

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An opioid addiction intervention can help your loved one work toward sustainable sobriety and recovery. With the right treatment and professional support, your family member or friend can take steps towards a healthier and more hopeful future.

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