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Opioids, even if prescribed for legitimate reasons, can be dangerous and addictive. In recent years, more information has come to light about the dangers of prescription opioids and what friends and families should look for if they are afraid their loved one is struggling with addiction.  Fortunately, there are effective steps you can take if someone in your life is struggling with substance abuse.

An opioid addiction intervention can connect an individual struggling with substance abuse with evidence-based treatment so they can receive the professional help they need. If your loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, you do not have to take this journey alone! Addiction intervention specialists are here to guide you through the intervention process and assist your loved one in getting the help they need.

What is an Opioid Intervention?

Family and friends, along with a professional interventionist, work together to plan an intervention to communicate openly and honestly with an opioid user about their drug use. An intervention is an opportunity to address the opioid addict directly about the impact their drug use is having not only on the individual, but also on their friends and family.

By participating in an open and transparent conversation about opioid abuse, friends and family can help the drug user to recognize the scope of their addiction and pursue treatment options. Having the people closest to the individual communicate their concerns often encourages the opioid user to get the help they need. The sooner the individual can recognize the impact of their addiction, the better the outcomes for both the user and their loved ones.

What Should You Expect During an Opioid Abuse Intervention in Los Angeles?

A professional opioid abuse intervention can be a critical step in providing your loved one the encouragement they need to quit using opioids. However, it is important to prepare for the reality that your loved one may not be receptive to treatment. Some individuals refuse to acknowledge they have a drug problem, which can be a challenging situation for friends and family alike. In this situation, a professional interventionist will help you to stand firm and clearly communicate your boundaries. While it may be painful, setting boundaries is necessary to show the individual struggling the consequences of their addiction.

Consider locating treatment centers in Los Angeles before the intervention in case your loved one is ready to undergo addiction treatment right away!  Remember, that the goal of your efforts is to help the opioid user see the consequences of their addiction and take back control over their life. This is a compassionate gesture, and one you can stand behind proudly and confidently.

How Do You Know You Need an Opioid Intervention for Your Loved One?

While prescription opioids are often used for pain relief, they can quickly lead to physical dependency, which has dangerous physical and mental effects on the user and their relationships. Additionally, mental illness and drug use often coexist, and those who suffer from opioid addiction may experience an increase in negative mental health symptoms.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a serious toll on both the mental and physical health of much of the population, causing more people to turn to opioids for relief. If you notice a change in the mental health of your loved one that is exacerbated by a prescription medication, it is time to seek help. An opioid abuse intervention, combined with effective treatment options can greatly improve outcomes for opioid users. Consider reaching out to health care providers, addiction professionals, and other community groups in Los Angeles for resources on whether an intervention would be helpful for your loved one, and different forms of treatment available to your loved one if they agree to seek help.

Is Now the Time for an Opioid Intervention?

Research has shown that the sooner the intervention takes place, the more effective it can be. If you know your loved one is abusing opioids, then it’s never too early to plan a drug intervention. The opioid epidemic has brought widespread attention to opioid misuse and drug overdose deaths. In 2019 alone, over 70,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses.

With increased attention to the opioid epidemic, there are more prevention programs and effective interventions aimed at reducing opioid overdose deaths. If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse disorder, the time to plan an intervention is now. Resources are available to help you and your friend or family member get the help they need.

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An opioid addiction intervention can help empower your loved one to quit opioids through direct communication and compassion. With immediate treatment, a bright and sober future is on the horizon – but it all starts with a phone call.

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