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Interventions for Meth Abuse in Los Angeles

Methamphetamine addiction doesn’t have one specific “look.” In fact, it affects a wide range of individuals from various backgrounds. Because of this, family and friends are often surprised to learn that their loved one is suffering with a meth addiction, and often find themselves angry or resentful for the care taking role they are forced to take on when a loved one is struggling with addiction.

The truth is methamphetamine addiction does not only affect the addicted individual, it affects their family and friends as well. It can also be frustrating trying to handle a meth user’s erratic and deceptive behavior all while understanding the physical and mental damage the substance is having on both physical and mental health.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions available for family and friends who wish to help a loved one struggling with meth abuse. Meth addiction interventions include and involve the family but with the added benefit of an impartial presence to help the loved ones and the meth addicted individual find a productive path forward.

What is a Meth Intervention?

A professional meth abuse intervention includes family, friends, and trained interventionists who are prepared with a plan to confront the meth user about their addiction. The purpose of an intervention is to create an open and honest dialog about how continued methamphetamine abuse affects not only the user but also those who love that person.

Ultimately, the goal of an intervention is to show the meth abuser that they are not alone in the consequences of their drug use, and to encourage them to pursue treatment. The sooner the meth user recognizes the consequences of their addiction and agrees to pursue treatment, the sooner they can get sober, and begin healing relationships damaged by the substance use.

What Should You Expect During a Meth Abuse Intervention?

Interventions can be a valuable tool for helping meth users take the first step toward recovery.  A professional interventionist will encourage you to invite friends and family members to participate and offer support and encourage the meth user to get help throughout the drug intervention process. Sometimes, hearing the concerns of their friends and family members is enough for the meth user to recognize that they have a problem that requires professional treatment.

In other cases, the user may not see their methamphetamine abuse as an issue. In this situation, the professional interventionist will work with you to set firm boundaries with the drug user and communicate that you will not condone or tolerate their behavior. Though this may seem counterproductive when trying to repair the relationship, it’s important that your loved one recognizes and understands the consequences of their addiction.

In advance of the intervention, consider doing research on what’s involved in staging an intervention, and reach out to our professional interventionists to ask the hard questions. Researching treatment options available to your loved one in Los Angeles can also be helpful if your loved one is ready to pursue treatment right away.

Helping Meth Users get the Treatment they Need

Because meth is a stimulant drug, many meth addicts often start using it to cope with untreated physical or mental health disorders. Drug addiction and mental health issues tend to exacerbate each other, which can have dangerous consequences for the drug user. The risks of continued meth use present a significant danger to both the mental and physical health of the user. The sooner you can plan an intervention, the sooner your loved one can get the help they need.

An effective drug treatment program focuses on the factors that lead someone to turn to meth in the first place. Numerous factors play a role in meth addiction, including genetics, social and environmental stressors, physical and mental health issues, and more. Understanding the root causes of methamphetamine dependence is essential for long-term sobriety.

Is Now the Time for a Meth Intervention?

If your loved one is using methamphetamine, now is the time to seek help. Research has shown that the sooner the intervention takes place, the more effective they can be. Methamphetamine addicts are at risk for physical and mental health problems caused by long-term meth abuse, including serious psychotic symptoms, withdrawal symptoms, or even overdose. In 2019 alone, over 70,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses. It’s not too late to plan an intervention if your loved one is struggling with substance use disorder and needs substance abuse treatment.

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A meth addiction intervention can be the first step on the journey toward recovery. When your loved one agrees to accept help, a brighter and healthier future is within sight.

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