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We believe effective drug treatment programs focus on the underlying causes of heroin abuse  – not just the addiction itself! But before an individual can get the help they need to address their addiction – they must be willing to attend a treatment program. Heroin abuse can be challenging for loved ones to handle on their own, and a professional intervention could be the solution to families navigate the process of getting their loved one the help they need.

What is a Heroin Intervention?

During a heroin abuse intervention, family and friends, along with a trained interventionist, work together to confront the heroin abuser about their addiction. The goal is not to shame the abuser but rather to create an open and honest dialog about the impact of heroin use on both the user and their loved ones. An intervention can be a significant step in restoring relationships with the heroin abuser while encouraging them to recognize the consequences of their addiction and seek help.

To help the intervention go more smoothly, try and do the majority of the planning and research in advance. We recommend reaching out to treatment centers in Los Angeles in case your loved one is ready and willing to accept help. Additionally, be sure to mentally and physically prepare for the experience, especially if you are unsure how your loved one will react. If you are inviting friends and family to participate, make sure that each person understands the gravity of the situation and is ready to contribute their support.

What Should You Expect During a Heroin Abuse Intervention?

It’s impossible to predict how the heroin user might react to the intervention. If the heroin user is hostile and refuses to accept help, then it may be necessary to set firm boundaries and communicate that you will not enable or tolerate their behavior. While this can be difficult to do, it’s important that your loved one sees and understands the consequences of their actions.

How Do You Know You Need a Heroin Intervention for Your Loved One?

Heroin use is extremely dangerous and oftentimes deadly. If you suspect that your loved one is using heroin, now is the right time for an intervention. Heroin addiction can exacerbate mental health issues and vice versa, which can cause both to quickly spiral out of control. To mask these symptoms, a heroin user may increase how frequently they use heroin and how much heroin they use, leading to potentially dangerous consequences.

To help your loved one recover from heroin addiction, work with them to pursue treatment options that take into consideration the complex relationship between mental health issues and addiction. Remember that recovery and sobriety are always within reach. To help your loved ones begin their journey toward recovery, reach out! We are here to provide support and additional resources on interventions and help you make an educated decision.

Is Now the Time for a Heroin Intervention?

Heroin users are at risk for serious physical and mental health problems, including overdose. In 2019 alone, more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. That doesn’t include people who died as a result of driving under the influence of drugs, drug-fueled suicides, and other drug-related incidents.

If your loved one is struggling, act now. An intervention might be exactly what your loved one needs to break the cycle of addiction and work toward recovery.

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A heroin addiction intervention is an important tool you can use to help pave a path to a better tomorrow for your loved one. An effective intervention can provide a much-needed fresh start for a heroin user. When your loved one accepts help, a brighter, healthier, drug-free future is within sight.

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