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Codependency Behaviors Identified

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Alcohol Addiction Interventions
Alcohol Addiction Interventions

When performed correctly, alcohol abuse interventions can bring relief and closure to family members who have tried their best to help a loved one.

Drug Addiction Interventions
Drug Addiction Interventions

Drug abuse interventions can be instrumental in encouraging your loved one to get the help he or she needs to successfully recover from addiction.

Is it Time for an Intervention?
Is it Time for an Intervention?

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Codependency Behaviors Identified

When we are connected to a substance abuser, it is not uncommon to fall into unhealthy behaviors.

These behaviors can frequently result in a two-fold problem. Initially, they can cause the unwell person to progress further into bad habits owing to the comfort provided by the codependent.

Secondly, the unwell person can negatively impact the codependent person by feeding untreated behaviors. This leads to further reliance on maladaptive coping skills in dealing with ongoing struggles. In addition to these two points, a bigger question is, could the codependent person be seeking unhealthy relationships to fulfill a need to feel better by making the unhealthy person feel better as well?

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The focus is often on what codependency and enabling provide for the unwell person. More needs to be done to bring self-awareness to persons engaged in codependency, understanding why they feel the need to behave in a way that provides comfort to others while sacrificing their own.

Cases, where two or more individuals are so close that personal boundaries begin to overlap, are referred to as enmeshed codependent relationships. Eventually, this unhealthy level of closeness will progress until participants can no longer separate their own emotional experiences from one another. This type of relationship can stunt emotional and personal development in children and adults alike.

The longer we allow enmeshed relationships to continue, the more toxic they become. By addressing these concerns promptly and by working directly with an interventionist who specializes in healing family dynamics, the sooner both parties can begin the recovery process.

Interventions for Addiction by Type:

Interventions Aren't Just for Addicts

We provide support for children wives husbands parents partners brothers sisters friends of addicts

Support persons can be anyone from family members to friends to spouses. They can even be the victim’s colleagues.

Supporting a loved one or companion in their recovery can be challenging on many levels. It can challenge you financially, emotionally, and psychologically. With our educational resources and services, we can help equip you with the right knowledge.

Our educational resources and services for support persons can help you learn about:

  • The importance of self-care
  • Self-evaluation and assessment
  • How to process emotions while caring for a loved one with a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Emergency interventions and services

Equipped with the right knowledge, you can acquire helpful skills and the attitude to help you care for your loved one.

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Getting better is only half the battle. True recovery and rehabilitation from drug addiction or alcohol abuse occur perpetually. This is why we believe in the importance of what happens after recovery.

Going to follow-ups and taking part in post-recovery programs is crucial to the development of healthy behaviors. These post-recovery services also help address underlying issues that led to drug addiction or substance abuse.

We believe that recovery is not an event that happens in a day, week, month, or year. It is a choice made day in and day out. We can help you and your loved one towards permanent recovery.

Post-Intervention Referral Options

We Help You Find a Detox Program Treatment Center Outpatient Program Sober Living Home Local Therapist

Substance abuse is not something anyone would wish on a family member or loved one. It is a problem with massive effects on the victim and those around them.

Nonetheless, drug addiction and alcohol abuse do not need to be death sentences. There is always hope if you seek it.

With drug addiction intervention, you and your loved ones can take the journey towards recovery. Our alcohol addiction intervention services can help your loved one kick the habit and live healthily.

With Addiction Interventions, you are more than a client. You become our partner in substance abuse intervention!

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