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Professional Interventions for Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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It starts with family.

Your loved one needs help – and so do you. While holding your loved one accountable we’ll also educate your family on the role you’ll play in him getting sober.

Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug addiction can create chaos and a cycle of enabling and codependency – over time, the user can hold the family hostage employing fear, guilt, and other tactics. Learn how we approach interventions to drug addiction.

From street drugs to prescription medications, our interventionists have the experience to help your loved one find sobriety.
Nationwide support for drug abuse interventions.

Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Mentally, it’s not about the alcohol consumption – it’s about the user’s behavior. This can cause families to focus too much time listening to promises and not enough time on accountability.

Our interventionists have helped over 1,000 alcoholics and their families take the next step in sobriety through interventions.
Nationwide support for alcohol abuse interventions.

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Intervention Resources

Learn how interventions work and the role you can play in making it a success.

Is Now the Right Time for an Intervention?
Is Now the Right Time for an Intervention?

The user is showing signs that he/she is struggling - can you even tell? Learn how to identify if now is the time or when to seek help.

The Role of an Interventionist
The Role of an Interventionist

There are many misconceptions of the role of an interventionist - learn more about the approach an interventionist may take when working with families.

How Interventions Work

Join forces with our intervention specialists to break the cycle of self-destructive behavior if your loved one has an addiction.

Step 1
We first start with a call to discover what is preventing your loved one from seeking help. We’ll also work to establish confidence in the family to help proceed with next steps.
Step 2
Our main goal is to arm you with enough information to make an educated decision. Our experts can answer questions and provide clinical explanations.
Step 3
With the family sign-off on the intervention plan, interventionists assist the family in helping the user choose a next step (unique to each person).

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