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An intervention allows an individual who is suffering from addiction to better see the chaos and damage
they are causing, while also giving them the opportunity to take the right steps toward sobriety.

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Addiction is a progressive disease that can be tough to overcome without professional help. Addiction isn’t just a physical phenomenon—it is also mental and emotional. The first step of any recovery journey is for the individual to seek the help they need to quit.

An intervention is an effective way to encourage someone to seek help for their addiction. During their intervention, an individual can better see the damage and chaos they are causing, and how they are hurting their friends and family. Interventions also provide those suffering from the disease of addiction the opportunity to begin their journey of sobriety.

For those looking to stage an intervention for their loved ones, a professional interventionist in Huntington Beach should be considered. The specialists at Addiction Interventions offer the friends and family of an individual the support they need during their intervention. Our team members have years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field, and they understand the complexity of addiction and mental health disorders. Our interventionists can put together a plan to best address the issues of the individual while encouraging them to seek the help they need.

Why an Intervention?

Over time, the likelihood of an individual causing harm as a result of their addiction increases. Often, by the time an intervention is needed, the person suffering from addiction has already caused damage to their personal life and had a negative impact on the lives of their loved ones.

With an intervention, close friends and family members can come together with the individual and express their concerns productively and healthily. They can show the person suffering from addiction how the addiction is harming them. Then, they can then encourage the individual to get the help they need.

An interventionist is there to help family and friends to connect with the person suffering from addiction effectively and positively. They can directly address the addiction of the individual and encourage them to better see the severity of their situation and the damage they are causing. With a professional interventionist, an individual can find a loving and healthy way out of their addiction. 

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Intervention Services

There are different types of addiction, and because of this, interventions need to be tailored to address the specific needs of each individual. Below are a few of the more common forms of intervention:

Alcohol Abuse

Those that suffer from drug addiction generally make poor decisions during their addiction. This leads to a lot of anger and resentment building up over time on the part of the individual’s friends and family. This, in turn, can make an intervention difficult without help from a professional interventionist. Professional interventionists are trained to help create a healthy dialogue between the person suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

While hiring an interventionist can significantly improve the chances of a successful intervention, this isn’t guaranteed. There are times in which the individual will still refuse help. If this is the case, the friends and family of the individual will need to set strict boundaries that are adhered to.

If you notice signs of addiction from a friend or family member, contact Addiction Interventions. Research has shown that catching the addiction early on can improve the chances of a successful intervention. Addiction Interventions in Huntington Beach will walk you through the intervention process and help you to set up an intervention for your loved one.

Drug Abuse

Because alcohol is legal and many people can drink without problem, alcohol addiction can be difficult to detect.  Many individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction seem “functional” on the surface. They may be able to hold down a job and meet family obligations. Still, they may be struggling internally and doing damage to the ones they love the most.

During an alcohol intervention, every member of the family must be on board. While there may be some initial discomfort that comes with an intervention, the improved, healthier environment of the household is worth it in the long run.

With the support of Addiction Interventions, your loved ones can get the help they need, recover and live a long and healthy life.

Dual Diagnosis

Interventions are hard enough when it comes to those that are only suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. When you add mental illness into the mix, interventions can be exponentially more challenging – but effective with the right tools in place. With dual diagnosis, a patient may be using drugs or alcohol to “treat” their mental illness, and this can mask the problem. However, once the individual quits drinking or using drugs,  the mental illness will surface.  

During a dual diagnosis intervention, treatment options for both the mental illness and their addiction can be addressed. Friends and family can encourage the individual to seek treatment at a center that focuses on both mental illness and addiction.

For those with dual diagnoses, motivational interventions can be a powerful tool. During this form of intervention, the individual can identify problems in their life and set personal goals. This is often a good choice for those that don’t believe they have a problem. 

Because of the mental health aspect, it’s important to handle a dual diagnosis intervention with care. A professional interventionist that specializes in dual diagnosis interventions has access to the right resources and has a wealth of experience that will increase the chances of success with the dual diagnosis intervention.

Detox Services

Detoxification (detox) is the process of ridding the body of drugs and/or alcohol and is often the next step after a formal intervention. Depending on a few different factors, detox may come with minor or major side effects. Withdrawal can be difficult for an individual, and if not undergone under the right supervision, it can be deadly. Your loved ones need to undergo detoxification at a proper medical facility for their safety and wellbeing.

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For those that haven’t hit rock bottom yet, there is the ARISE intervention model. With the ARISE model, there is an 83% chance of getting the individual into treatment within three weeks. The ARISE model is a slow process and is designed to be gradual. During this model, guilt isn’t used as a method to persuade someone suffering from addiction to go to treatment. Instead, meetings happen with friends and family members over time to help persuade the individual.

Executive Intervention

For those that are financially successful, it can be difficult to believe they have a problem. But success in the workplace doesn’t mean an individual doesn’t have a dependence on drugs and/or alcohol! With executive intervention, friends and family of the individual can express how the actions of the individual are hurting them, while still providing the person suffering from addiction with support.

Crisis Intervention

For individuals that need more immediate support, there is the crisis intervention model. This is a good option for those suffering from addiction that is under extreme emotional, psychological, and/or physical stress.

Johnson Model Intervention

The Johnson Model is the most commonly used intervention model. During this model, loved ones can let the individual know why treatment is necessary and that they aren’t going to participate in their addiction anymore. If treatment isn’t chosen, then the family and friends will part ways with the individual.

Other Forms

Other forms of intervention may be available, which include:

  • Teen Intervention
  • Mental Health Intervention

Types of Intervention

There are a variety of different types of interventions that may be available. Below are some of the common types of interventions:

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Types of Intervention

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