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Our world-class team of drug and alcohol intervention professionals can help you navigate substance abuse problems in your family.

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Our experience intervening in drug abuse can help your loved one.

The intervention specialists at Addiction Interventions are trained in addressing alcoholism and drug dependence. We have led thousands of family interventions and connected people struggling with substance abuse problems to treatment facilities. It starts with a call – a professional interventionist can walk you through the intervention process and answer any questions you may have about your loved one’s alcohol or drug problem. We will also help you find the best individual treatment plan and connect you to treatment providers in your area.

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Our intervention team is trained in various models of successful intervention (such as ARISE intervention and group intervention) and the planning process around addressing a substance abuse problem. Each addiction professional has years of experience working in the substance abuse and mental healthcare field.
They know how to navigate the complexities of alcohol and drug addiction and serious mental illness. We will work tirelessly to help your loved one seek treatment and participate in the recovery process.


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David Gates

About David Gates

David Allen Gates has over 20 years of experience managing and directing nationally recognized behavioral healthcare treatment centers and various other addiction treatment organizations. David’s expertise ranges from patient advocacy to successful intervention work. He has repeatedly guided family members to be agents of change for their loved one who is suffering from alcohol and drug problems. David has worked with some of the most talented and respected intervention professionals and American addiction centers throughout his career, such as Ken Seeley from the A & E show ‘Intervention’ and Kristina Wandzilak from the TLC show ‘Addicted’.

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David has both the clinical and managerial experience in behavioral healthcare to effectively and ethically guide you to the appropriate clinical treatment program for your family.

Furthermore, David has successfully performed over 500 interventions during his career. He specializes in complex interventions that require a higher level of urgency and the ability to locate the person struggling with addiction in order for the intervention process to begin.

Sadly, many families have lost track of their loved one’s location due to alcohol and drug addiction or mental health issues. This prevents an actual intervention from ever even being able to happen for a family and their loved one who is battling substance use.

David fervently believes that addiction and mental health issues eventually separate loved ones from their families and push the person struggling with substance abuse into either extreme isolation or into the arms of strangers who will not encourage them to seek treatment.

David is married to his beautiful wife Allison Gates of 16 years, and they live with their 9-year-old son Jack in Aliso Viejo, California.

David enjoys barbequing and creating dinner parties for his friends and family. He loves going river and stream fishing in the Eastern Sierras with his son Jack. He also appreciates a great round of golf when his wife allows him to do so.

Beth Durling

About Beth Durling

Beth Durling, MS, CADC-II, ICADC, grew up in Southern California, graduated from Point Loma University, and continued her education at the Institute of Chemical Dependency where she quickly became a thought leader in the field of substance use disorder. Beth continues to be one of the most successful intervention specialists, working in the field of alcohol and drug addiction because of her treatment engagement with victims of drug or alcohol addiction and mental health disorders.

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Beth’s success has been centered around working with high-risk, dual diagnosed clients, which ultimately led her to such titles as CEO, COO, and Clinical Administrator; where she equipped her teams to further their successful outcomes nationally.

Her vision for family intervention is evident as founder and CEO of The Center for Life Change, a national institute recognized for its non-profit family intervention support.

Currently, Beth is co-founder of Lifelines, a non-profit community resource offering intervention guidance, education about treatment options, and support through the recovery process for family members.

Beth writes educational literature and performs speaking engagements on topics of addiction medicine. She explores culture, patient retention, and clinical practices of addiction health care providers. She has two amazing adult children who reside in LA and Orange County.